About Us


Protestant – Patriotic – Fraternal, working together for the betterment of family, our community, and our country.

The Order can be found in many parts of the world including England, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The Order provides for men’s and women’s lodges, as well as junior lodges, the basic unit being the Primary Lodge, which can have between 10 and 50 members.

We are Christians of all ages and from all walks of life who believe in the positive impacts that Lodges have on Canadian society.  Our impact is realized by local groups and charities that each Lodge supports in its community.

The Orange Order in Canada is not a radical or extreme group.  We support a lifestyle that incorporates a Christian approach to our families, and our dealings with others.


We accept the Protestant Christianity as our Religion of choice.  We seek to support our Faith by being members of a Protestant denomination and participants in the faith community.  It is a matter of personal choice as to which Protestant denomination to belong.

We share with other Christians the desire to promote our faith.  We contend that Christian values should continue to play an important role in Canadian society, but we hold fast to the principle that the promotion of our faith must not compromise the rights of others with different beliefs.

We believe in democratic government and the rule of just laws . We believe the patriotism is a virtue, although we recognize that nationalism can be a sin.

We recognize the positive influence that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has had and continues to have here in Canada as Queen of Canada and Head of State.  We support the Monarchy.  The democratic and personal freedoms that we enjoy today are embodied in the Crown.

We truly believe that the Orange Order has much to offer in Canada today. We ask for your support and remembrance in prayer.


Membership is available to those individuals who adhere to the beliefs of the Orange Order.  If you have a desire to promote Christian values, please join our efforts.


If you live in New Brunswick, and there is no Primary (local) Lodge in your community, please consider starting one.  To start a Lodge, a Primary Lodge needs a minimum of 12 eligible members who are adherents to the beliefs of the Orange Order.

Primary Lodges can be community-based or associated with one or more Protestant church congregations.  Existing Lodges in New Brunswick are fraternal but proposals for new mixed lodges (male and female) will be considered.  The formation of Primary Lodges is subject to the approval of the Grand Lodge of New Brunswick and subject to their ongoing supervision and guidance.


The Grand Orange Lodge of New Brunswick oversees the activities of the Orange Order in New Brunswick, thereby coordinating the activities of primary lodges.  The Grand Lodge is dedicated to the preservation of the Order through membership growth and community involvement.

Contact us:  info@grandorangelodgenb.ca