How to Vote

When casting your vote in the forthcoming provincial election or a future federal election, you should consider several factors including:

  • the party platform (what the political party says it will do),
  • the party history (what the party has done in the past; its track record),
  • the integrity, experience, and talents of the candidates in your riding,
  • the stated intentions of the candidates with respect to local issues and effective representation of local concerns within the party and legislative body,
  • the honesty, experience, and talents of the party leaders and their commitments to parliamentary democracy.

Therefore, you should consider PARTY – CANDIDATE – LEADER before voting.  It may be the best candidate is standing for a party with the worst leader or the best party has the worst candidate.  In such cases, you must weigh the merits of the party, local candidate, and leader.

As citizens, you should vote for party who has demonstrated (in its history and platform) that it:

  • cares for the country and its citizens,
  • is loyal to and honours the monarchy and legitimate branches of government,
  • believes in an independent judiciary and the rule of law,
  • would restore/ safeguard parliamentary democracy.

You should not vote for a political party because you voted that way in the past or because your parents or friends voted that way in the past.  You do not live in the world that may have affected the voting preferences of your grandparents and parents.  Furthermore, issues change with time and new circumstances must be considered each time you vote.   You owe yourself and your family, and your community and country, to be a thoughtful participant in the electoral process.

You want a candidate to be elected who:

  • is honest and who would represent your area to the best of his or her ability,
  • votes with integrity on issues considering the wishes of his constituents and personal conscience, and
  • who does not blindly follow political doctrine or the pollical leader of the party.

When considering the party leader, please consider the leadership style.  You may wish to avoid voting for a party with a leader who does not listen to ordinary citizens and who dominates his or her party members.  You should avoid electing a local candidate based on media image of a party leader; politics should be taken more seriously than a beauty pageant.

Remember that in our system of government you are voting for the local candidate, who is usually someone representing a political party.  In a general election, you will not be voting for the leader of the party which is chosen by party members.

In summary, consider what a party has done and says it will do, and the qualities of the local riding candidate and the party leader.  Think carefully each time you vote.  Pray for guidance and vote!!!

Canada Could Have Handled the COVID-19 Pandemic Better

Canada could have handled the COVID-19 pandemic better. Initially, it seems that Canadian political leaders saw the outbreak of the coronavirus in China as regional epidemic and failed to realize the threat to Canada. When it became clear that the epidemic was spreading and becoming more widespread, the Canadian government began flying Canadians home. During the initial period, the majority of returning Canadians were not tested, asked some general questions, and simply told to stay home if they felt unwell. Contrast this to Asian airports where passengers regularly undergo temperature checks to ascertain if they have a fever. It was late in the process that returning Canadians were told to stay at home and self-isolate for two weeks, and the land border between Canada and the United States closed. Hindsight has the benefit of recent experience, but some warning signs could have been heeded earlier. It would have been better for our country if our political leaders had acted sooner.

Canada should have the resources to sustain itself during a crisis. A benefit of the COVID-19 pandemic should be a recognition by our political leaders that Canada should manufacture its own prescription drugs, medical gowns, facemasks, and medical equipment. Canadian governments, at the federal and provincial levels, should ensure national and regional food self-sufficiency, and do more to promote the agricultural, aquaculture, and food processing industries in Canada. Hopefully, a future Canada will be more self-sufficient, and less willing to have many of its goods produced offshore.

Many Canadians will die from the virus. Take care and protect yourself and others. Cover your mouth and nose with a mask or covering when in public. Practice social distancing.


EasterEaster is the most important religious day of the Christian faith. Christians celebrate the Jesus’ resurrection from death, which provides all of us the promise of life after death. Remember to pray this Easter for release from sin and for your salvation.

In A.D. 325, the Emperor Constantine convened a meeting of Christian leaders at the Council of Nicaea to resolve important religious tenets. The Council recognized Christ as “fully human and fully divine” and that Easter should be fixed on a Sunday.